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Copper selection process

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Distribution of copper ore:
China is one of the countries with more copper mines in the world. The total reserves of copper is 62.43 million tons, ranking 7th in the world. Among the proven reserves, copper-rich ore accounts for 35%. Copper mines are widely distributed. Except for Tianjin and Hong Kong, all provinces (cities, districts) including Shanghai, Chongqing and Taiwan have output. There are 910 mines with proven reserves. Jiangxi's copper reserves ranked first in the country, accounting for 20.8%, followed by Tibet, accounting for 15%; once again in Yunnan, Gansu, Anhui, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Hubei and other provinces, the province's copper reserves are more than 3 million tons.



The flotation method is commonly used to select copper mines. The copper ore beneficiation equipment consists of a crusher (including coarse and fine broken), a ball mill, a classifier, a thickener, a flotation machine, and a dryer. According to the composition of the ore, appropriate beneficiation processes and beneficiation equipment are developed as needed.
Copper ore dressing production line process:
The mined ore is firstly crushed by a jaw crusher. After being crushed to a reasonable fineness, it is evenly sent to the ball mill through the hoist and the ore feeder, and the ore is crushed and ground by a ball mill.
The ore fines ground by the ball mill enter the next process: classification. The spiral classifier cleans and classifies the ore mixture by the principle that the specific gravity of the solid particles is different and the rate of precipitation in the liquid is different. The washed and graded mineral mixture passes through the magnetic separator
Since the specific susceptibilities of the various minerals are different, the magnetic substances in the mixture are separated by magnetic force and mechanical force. The mineral particles that have been initially separated by the magnetic separator are sent to the flotation machine, and different drugs are added according to different mineral characteristics, so that the desired minerals are separated from other substances.
After the desired minerals are separated, because they contain a large amount of water, they must be initially concentrated by a thickener and then dried by a dryer to obtain dried minerals.

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