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The program of briquette making line

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Introduction to the pressure ball production line The production line can be divided into five branch systems



1. Crushing system

The main equipment of the crushing system is a crusher. We recommend a vertical hammer crusher. This crusher can crush various block-shaped raw materials into 3-5mm powder, and prepare raw materials for ball pressing.


2. Mixing system

The core equipment in the stirring stage is a mixer. The wheel mill mixer can grind and stir the raw materials to increase the density of the raw materials.


3.Briquetteing system

The mixed materials can enter the briquette machine, which can be processed into different shapes and sizes. Depending on the customer's preference, we have a variety of models to meet customer needs.


4. Drying system


During the forming process of the material through the briquette machine, a certain amount of moisture is added due to the process requirements, which needs to be dried after molding for subsequent packaging.

Due to the shape of the oblate spheroid, in order to keep the molding ball with a high molding rate and to save floor space, a mesh belt dryer is specially selected.


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