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Market application of mesh belt dryer

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Market application of mesh belt dryer:

  Gongyi Hengchang Metallurgy Building MAterial Equipments Plants has The mesh belt dryer distributes the material to be processed through a suitable paving mechanism, such as a star distributor, a swing belt, a pulverizer or a granulator, on a conveyor belt, and the conveyor belt is composed of one or several heating units. Channels, each heating unit is equipped with an air heating and circulation system, each channel has one or several dehumidification systems, and the hot air passes through the material on the conveyor belt from top to bottom or from bottom to top as the conveyor belt passes. So that the material can be evenly dried. The mesh belt dryer is a batch and continuous production drying equipment. The main heating methods are electric heating, steam heating and hot air heating. The main principle is to evenly spread the material on the mesh belt. The mesh belt adopts a 12-60 mesh steel mesh belt, which is dragged and moved in the dryer by the transmission device. The hot air flows through the material, and the water vapor passes from The drainage hole is discharged to achieve the purpose of drying, and the length of the box body is composed of standard sections. In order to save the space, the dryer can be made into a multi-layer type, and the common one has two compartments, three layers, two compartments, five layers, and a length. 6-40m, effective width 0.6-3.0m.

 Gongyi Hengchang Metallurgy Building MAterial Equipments Plants

The net belt dryer mainly conveys the pressed finished ball directly to the flat conveyor through the conveyor, and evenly distributes the finished ball on the dryer through the scraper at the upper end of the flat conveyor, so as to improve the air permeability of the ball and achieve the drying effect. The drying time is usually 20-30 minutes. The high temperature drying furnace is composed of chain conveyor made of heat-resistant steel and high temperature tunnel kiln. The conveyor belt is made of high temperature resistant metal mesh belt. The ball is dried for 25-30 minutes and then exported by the cooling mesh belt.

Before using the mesh belt dryer, operators check the equipment before using to ensure that the equipment is in normal condition. Inspection work is mainly about the frequently worn areas of some equipment, i.e. fault-prone areas and components, such as equipment mesh with no cracks, cylinder air leakage, gear, bearing wear and dust removal device problems, etc., problems and timely treatment, and do a good job of repairing and lubricating them. In addition, attention should also be paid to the cleaning and tidiness of the material impurities in the mesh belt dryer, as well as the motor to ensure normal operation, wiring and so on. Pre-heat treatment, the current mesh belt dryer drying materials are generally through hot air and mesh material contact exchange heat to achieve the purpose of drying. Therefore, the mesh belt dryer should be heated before use. After checking, it needs to be preheated. The heating process should be slow and not urgent. On the one hand, the equipment is not good, on the other hand, it is not conducive to material drying.

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